The Unfinished Grid: Design Speculations for Manhattan


This winning competition entry for the Architectural League of New York postulates the reclamation of the void, with intersections being the main arena of interventions, given the prime locations, interventions are readily catalytic; they are "systemic nuances" that excite, fuel, and vitalize their vicinities. The black and white dichotomy of poche and void becomes blurred and interchangeable through the introduction of a spectrum of greys at the intersections- a new context will arise from new infrastructural potentials, and new spatial designs to enhance the versatility and flexibility of the grid in a new era. The grid thereby transforms into the plaid.

這項目在Architectural League of New York比賽獲得了獎項。主題是假設這空白空間位於黃金地段;我們的設計是藉著人們在這空間裡的活動和交流激發這空間的可能性。我們用了黑和白,黑是實用空间而白是空白空間;灰色就是當黑白變得模糊,這代表著新的空間和發展潛力,也代表着網格多功能性和靈活性。