City Gallery Exhibition Design


Visionary Hong Kong is an exhibition designed to showcase the 5 key planning initiatives in Hong Kong: Central Harbour Front, Kowloon East, Fanling North, Yuen Long South, and North Lantau. Each district contains an incredible amount of information to be deciphered and delivered; working with the collective studio and DBIS, our first task was to determine a unique user experience for each district's interactive station. From motion trigger to touch conduction, diagram trace to pressure sensor, and augmental reality animation, every district's planning principles was specifically highlighted by lights, projections and kinetic movements, and woven with the overall visions of a green, smart, and resilient future Hong Kong. The overarching element that ties the exhibition together is an infinite timeline created by a set of carefully placed mirrors and continuous lights. Visitors are first greeted by an ordinary reflective surface at the entrance. As they travel along the timeline outlined by linear lights on both top and bottom, the infinite reflection starts to reveal a deeper imaginary space beyond,spatially it provides relief to a tightly sequenced exhibition space, and thematically it invites speculations and ideas for out next phase of urban planning. It is an incredibly effective choreography that guides out visitor forward and enriches the entire gallery with glimpses and collages from different parts of Hong Kong.

「舞台·香港」是「展望200」展覽的一部分, 該展覽介紹了中環海濱、九龍東、粉嶺北、元朗南、北大嶼山五個地區的關鍵發展規劃。每區都有要解碼和傳達的信息。在與Collective Studio和愉景灣國際學校合作中,我們的首要任務就是為每區的互動平台定制一個獨特的用戶體驗:從運動觸發到觸摸傳導、從圖像跟踪到壓力感應,再加上虛擬現實技术。每一個區域的規劃原則都通過燈光、投影與動能運動被詳細地展現了出來,共同交織出香港綠色、智能、強韌的未來。一個由鏡與發光線條巧妙佈置而成的「無限時間軸」把幾個不同的主題展覽連結在一起。一塊鏡面會在入口處迎接參觀者。隨著參觀者沿著「無限時間軸」遊覽,在鏡面上下沿的發光線條作用下,一個”無限反射“的想像空間開始形成。在空間上,這個設計緩解了緊湊的參觀空間造成的不適感。同時,它打開了參觀者想像與思考的空間,為接下來城市規劃展覽給參觀者的大腦預熱。這是對“無限”主題的一個巧妙而有效的佈置,引導參觀者向前的同時給整個展覽豐富了關於香港各部分的信息。