City’s Playground


City’s Playground is an exhibition commissioned by the Planning Department in celebration of the 20th Anniversary of HKSAR. The Pavilion is the front beacon drawing the city’s attention, while the main exhibition content of the various planning initiatives in Hong Kong is distributed in three halls in the City Gallery building.
In light of the temporary nature of the Pavilion, galvanized steel mesh was chosen as the cladding material to give the Pavilion a translucent presence. It also allows the visitor to appreciate the impressive cantilevered ring and the triangulated structure within. A key design feature of the Pavilion is the four continuous edge lining, which were painstakingly planned to wrap the structure in a continuous manner. They are programmed to give off a pulsating intensity of light, and to trace the profiles in synchronized motion. The effect is dramatic and it impresses upon our visitors the unique form and vibrancy of the Pavilion.

City's Playground 是為了慶祝香港特別行政區成立20週年的展覽。展館是一個燈塔,為的是引起展覽關注力,而主要展覽是在城市畫廊大樓的三個展廳。由於展館開放時間短暫,所以我們選擇用鍍鋅鋼網作為包層材料,使展館呈現半透明感覺。這樣遊客可以欣賞展館懸臂環和內部的三角形結構。展館的重要設計就是繞展館的周邊的四條邊緣襯環,同時也發出光。這燈光效果能給遊客留下了獨特和充滿活力的展館。