City’s Playground


City’s Playground is an exhibition commissioned by the Planning Department in celebration of the 20th Anniversary of HKSAR. The Pavilion is the front beacon drawing the city’s attention, while the main exhibition content of the various planning initiatives in Hong Kong is distributed in three halls in the City Gallery building.
In light of the temporary nature of the Pavilion, galvanized steel mesh was chosen as the cladding material to give the Pavilion a translucent presence. It also allows the visitor to appreciate the impressive cantilevered ring and the triangulated structure within. A key design feature of the Pavilion is the four continuous edge lining, which were painstakingly planned to wrap the structure in a continuous manner. They are programmed to give off a pulsating intensity of light, and to trace the profiles in synchronized motion. The effect is dramatic and it impresses upon our visitors the unique form and vibrancy of the Pavilion.

「樂遊·香港」是「印象∞香港」——一個由香港特區政府慶祝其成立二十週年而舉辦的展覽的一部分。整個展覽會以「香港無限」為主題,寓意香港人的堅韌特質以及香港未來發展充滿無限潛能。展覽的信標是一個坐落於大會堂前名為“樂遊 香港”的場館。而主展覽則是散佈在展城館大樓三個展廳的眾多本地城市規劃設計。按照計劃,「樂遊`香港」場館有兩個功用:一是為大型公共演出提供舞台與背景;二是作為數字藝術畫廊。兩個功能區如啞鈴般分佈在兩頭的設計方案正是對「樂遊 香港」場館功能的直接回應。建築較大的開口面向中環,較小的則對著展城館,中間以一條規劃署籌備的展覽長廊連接。鑑於建築的臨時性質,“樂遊香港”場館的外牆材料將選用鍍鋅鋼網以給予建築輕盈剔透的質感,同時能使建築內引人注目的吊環和三角結構能穿過牆身第一時間吸引到參觀者的興趣。另一個關鍵設計是四條發光邊線被精心安排成以連續的形式包裹著建築的結構,並通過編程呈現出如脈搏般的光暗變化,同時會因應不同的輪廓作出同步變化。精彩絕倫的光效能使「樂遊·香港」場館獨特的形象與活力深烙參觀者腦中。