Fairchild Sai Ying Poon Kindergarten


Following the success of the Fairchild playgroup, the Fairchild Kindergarten carry the momentum forward to a larger facility in Sai Ying Pun. The school starts with a small storefront reception area of Des Voeux Road and continues up a staircase to a 700 sqm space on the first floor. The floor span is deep and the headroom is low, which presents a challenge for bringing light and fresh air to the deep end. Our strategy is to bring the window wall into the space by wrapping the perimeter classroom in glass to facilitate light penetration; on the opposite side a wooden texture education wall lines the entire school and it will be populated with butterfly specimens and sea shells etc to reinforce the pedagogy of learning from nature. The glass wall and wooden wall guide the sequence of classroom and open spaces along the length of the school and provide a natural and modern atmosphere for joyful learning.

結束了Fairchild playground 這項目之後,楓薈幼稚園也讓幼稚園有新的改造。學校的接待區位於德輔道中,然後要上樓,到一樓700平方米的空間。樓板跨度較為深,淨空高度較為低,所以自然光線和新鮮空氣很難帶進室內。我們的策略就是在教室周邊安裝窗牆,把自然光帶進室內。而窗牆對面的牆是木質紋理的教育牆,木質紋理的教育牆會佈滿整個學校的牆。牆上也會有蝴蝶標本和海貝殼等,象徵着從大自然中學習的教育方式。玻璃牆和木牆能分開教室和開放的空間,為快樂學習提供自然和現代的氛圍。