Fairchild Playgroup


Fairchild Junior Academy believes that the innate curiosity of children is the best catalyst for learning. It adapts the Reggio Emilia approach to early childhood education, which encourages exploration and social collaboration. The design of the space facilitates this pedagogy by offering a natural palette of materials and an abundance of natural light and space. The classrooms can be easily reconfigured depending on the size and age of each group. Each space offers a thematic element, from treehouse to aquarium to green wall, which sparks curiosity and serves as a backdrop to an ever changing list of activities and games. The best decor of the space is the giggles- a happy place for happy learning!

Fairchild Junior Academy 認為孩子的好奇心是最好的學習模式,而這教育方式是來自於雷焦艾米利亞的方法。所以我們在空間設計上運用了自然色彩的材料和自然光線來促進這個學習模式。學校裡的教室的大小可以根據每一班的人數和學生們的年紀來進行調整。而每個空間都有一個主題,例如樹屋,水族館,綠牆等等。這能激發學生們的好奇心,更能增加活動和遊戲的變化。我們認為最好的裝飾品是學生們的笑聲-快樂的學習就要快樂的地方!