Full Nature Aquaponics

Full Nature 魚菜共生農場

Visionary Hong Kong is an exhibition designed to showcase the 5 key planning initiatives in Hong Kong: Central Harbour Front, Kowloon East, Fanling North, Yuen Long South, and North Lantau. Each district contains an incredible amount of information to be deciphered and delivered; working with the collective studio and DBIS, our first task was to determine a unique user experience for each district's interactive station. From motion trigger to touch conduction, diagram trace to pressure sensor, and augmental reality animation, every district's planning principles was specifically highlighted by lights, projections and kinetic movements, and woven with the overall visions of a green, smart, and resilient future Hong Kong. The overarching element that ties the exhibition together is an infinite timeline created by a set of carefully placed mirrors and continuous lights. Visitors are first greeted by an ordinary reflective surface at the entrance. As they travel along the timeline outlined by linear lights on both top and bottom, the infinite reflection starts to reveal a deeper imaginary space beyond,spatially it provides relief to a tightly sequenced exhibition space, and thematically it invites speculations and ideas for out next phase of urban planning. It is an incredibly effective choreography that guides out visitor forward and enriches the entire gallery with glimpses and collages from different parts of Hong Kong.