Hong Kong Arts Centre exhibition


The 'Beyond Architecture' exhibition ponders what architects do aside from architecture. The 'Tumbler chandelier' aggregates an ordinary object into a surprising spectacle. The tumbler is found in any local restaurant and cannot be more inconspicuous; yet, given a formal arrangement and light, they transform into a stunning chandelier. Beauty can be uncovered in unlikely places by those observant.

'Beyond Architecture' 是為了讓建築師創造建築以外的物件而舉行的展覽。'Tumbler Chandelier' 是從一個普通的物件拼成壯觀的外觀。雖然這玻璃杯可以在任何的餐館找到,它們卻不顯眼。通過玻璃杯的擺設和燈光效果,我們把這平淡無奇的物件變成了一枝形吊燈,讓人們可以從難以尋找美的物件看到發現美。