Hong Kong Cultural Centre Pavilion


The Concept Pavilion was designed for a promotional event by the Hong Kong Tourism Board at the Hong Kong Cultural Centre. It is the centrepiece around which the visitors can congregate and relax, and it works in tandem with a light show about essential Hong Kong rhythms and moments. The Pavilion is a grid shell made of timber, and its geometry is derived from a minimal surface formed by multiple arches. The double curvature of the shell provides structural rigidity and helps to reduce member sizes and material. Each node is marked by an LED light source, which is programmed and can create different lighting scenes and atmosphere both inside and outside the Pavilion.

Concept Pavilion位於香港文化中心,是為旅遊發展局的一個宣傳活動而設計的。展館在一片遊客休閒集散地正中,會與一個香港主題的燈光表演聯動。展館是一个由木材製成的殼狀網格,形状演變自一個由多重圆弧組成的簡潔曲面。殼體的雙曲狀能加強結構剛性和減小構件尺寸和材料。殼狀網格的每個節點都裝有LED,經過程序編寫,可在展館內外呈現不同的燈光場景和氛圍。