MGM Cotai Concept Store


Our design concept is to subdivide the pop-up store into two chambers: BLACK chamber on the outside for a sleek image, and WHITE chamber on the inside to induce an element of mystique.

We take the design inspiration from the parallel manufacturing processes of both Lamborghini and Tecknomonster using high tech, durable and light material: carbon fibre and titanium. Such that the experience from the outside of the pop-up store is stark and cool, like the perception of Lamborghini or Technomonster. This is where we would place the first Lamborghini for visitors as the first impression.

As visitors exit the casino to walk along the outside of the store, more of its softer and lighter chamber will be reviewed with an element of mystique to pull visitors in, where we subtly hide the second Lamborghini that would be revealed gradually. The WHITE chamber is lined with curvilinear white walls. We want to replicate the experience as if you are walking into a Lamborghini or opening a Tecknomonster suitcase. This is where we place softer contents such as projection mapping, with surrounding walls that can serve as backdrop of art work and the process of craft.The general layout of the pop-up is flexible: the dividing line between the BLACK chamber and the WHITE chamber can fully slide open for different public and private functions: cocktail events, magician shows, product showcases, and many more.

Our goal is to make the design a unique experience that adds to the aligned brand image of Lamborghini and Technomonster: something that is memorable, classy, and cool.

我們的設計構思是將臨時店分為兩間室:近外部的室是黑色,在內部的室是白色的。黑色帶有時尚感,而白色帶有神秘感。我們的設計是從林寶堅尼和Tecknomonster汲取靈感的,我們在設計上與他們一樣採用了高科技,耐用和輕質材料:碳纖維和鈦。外面的商店體驗是簡單和冷酷,也放了一輛林寶堅尼作為參觀者對 林寶堅尼和Tecknomonster的第一印象。當參觀者走進入店裡,店顏色就會變得更柔軟和淺,這顏色帶有神秘感,慢慢地吸引遊客進入室內。我們也將第二輛林寶堅尼放在室內。白色室配了有曲線白色牆壁,彷彿走進林寶堅尼或打Tecknomonster手提箱。白色室擺放了柔軟的物件,例如光雕投影,將藝術作品和工藝過程投影在牆壁上。室內規劃很容易變動的,我們可以用隔間牆分開公共和私人活動,例如雞尾酒會,魔術師表演,產品陳列櫃等等。我們的目標是創造出一種獨特的體驗,與蘭博基尼和Technomonster的品牌形像一致。