The Polytechnic University 80th Anniversary Exhibition


The Polytechnic University 80th Anniversary exhibition showcases the institution's evolution, campus development and academic achievements. The venue is podium level of the jockey club innovation centre designed by Zaha Hadid architects, and it is a powerful space that both requires a coherent architectural response and respect. In alignment with the sustainability requirement of the school, we propose recycled paper tubes as our main medium. Each tube is quite robust and when bundled they are able to support the loads required for our exhibits. With over 4500 tubes, we relied on computer scripting to control the curvilinear and undulating forms of clusters. The tubes range from 200mm to 2800mm in height, and are assigned 3 colors to increase the layering effect in the space. Conveniently the data generated was fed to the manufacturer, and we worked with them closely to ensure that the specific heights and colors are produced as drawn. Our final version of the paper tube clusters flows with the space in innovation tower to curate both open and intimate viewing experiences. The highly variate scale of space, lighting intensity, circulation and access to exterior require much coordination and calibration to the height and color of the tubes without compromising on the sculptural forms, and the end result is much welcomed by the students, staff and public audience.