The Polytechnic University 80th Anniversary Exhibition


The Polytechnic University 80th Anniversary exhibition showcases the institution's evolution, campus development and academic achievements. The venue is podium level of the jockey club innovation centre designed by Zaha Hadid architects, and it is a powerful space that both requires a coherent architectural response and respect. In alignment with the sustainability requirement of the school, we propose recycled paper tubes as our main medium. Each tube is quite robust and when bundled they are able to support the loads required for our exhibits. With over 4500 tubes, we relied on computer scripting to control the curvilinear and undulating forms of clusters. The tubes range from 200mm to 2800mm in height, and are assigned 3 colors to increase the layering effect in the space. Conveniently the data generated was fed to the manufacturer, and we worked with them closely to ensure that the specific heights and colors are produced as drawn. Our final version of the paper tube clusters flows with the space in innovation tower to curate both open and intimate viewing experiences. The highly variate scale of space, lighting intensity, circulation and access to exterior require much coordination and calibration to the height and color of the tubes without compromising on the sculptural forms, and the end result is much welcomed by the students, staff and public audience.

理工大學80週年紀念展覽展現校園歷史,發展和學術成就。展覽場地是在Zaha Hadid建築師設計的賽馬會創新樓,空間非常大。為了符合學校「可持續發展」的要求,我們以再生紙管作為主要用料。因每根管都非常堅固,所以當我們捆綁它們一起後就能支撐我們展品所需的負荷。我們用超過4500根管,所以用了腳本程式來控制管的曲線和波浪形式。管的高度範圍是在200mm到2800mm,也用了三種顏色以增加分層效果。我們密切地與製造商合作,確保它們是按照我們繪製的高度和顏色來製造每一根管。我們最終的設計是將紙管和場地空間有一起流動的感覺,提供一個開放和親近的展覽體驗。創新樓的每一個空間都有不同的規模,燈光強度,流動和外出通道,所以我們在紙管的設計進行協調和校準。我們的設計也受到了學生,員工和公眾的歡迎。