Jockey Club Social Innovation Centre


The design of the HKFYG HKJC Social Innovation Centre conveys the sense of youth and optimism that is vital in our target group, and suitable for incubating creative social businesses. Two super-sized swing doors can be fully opened to connect the event space with the main working space into one big thoroughfare. The central workspace is characterized by a continuous piece of furniture- comprising of portals, desks, lockers, sofas and shelves- which connects all sectors of social businesses and simultaneously provides a sense of privacy to the peripheral programme spaces.

社會創新及青年創業部的設計是以青春和樂觀的概念為主,並適合在中心裡建立創意社會企業的人。我們的設計有兩個大型的擺門,可以把門完全的打開,將活動空間和主要工作空間連接成一條通道。共用工作空間有不同類型的家具, 包括門戶,辦公桌,儲物櫃,沙發和架子。這設計和家具擺設能分開公共空間和私人空間。