Stanley Outdoor Activities Centre


Stanely has always been a favorite destination for leisurely and outdoor activities, flanked by the main beach and St. Stephens beach on the East and West, Stanley caters for beach goers of all ages and enthusiasts of various water sports. The existing HKFYG Stanley Outdoor Activity Centre (SOAC), together with the St. Stephen's beach water sports centre and the Hong Kong Sea Cadet Corp. Jubilee centre are strategically located to make the best use of the less trafficked side of Stanley. The existing SOAC, built in 1987, is in need of a major upgrade to satisfy today's demands. Hong Kong island is lacking in facilities for overnight outdoor activities camp, and a renewed SOAC can find new synergies with its neighbouring centres to fully utilize the rare land and water resources in Hong Kong. The interior planning of the programme again draws inspiration from the site. All activities and dwelling spaces are lined around the East, West and North facade to take advantage of views as much as possible. The circulation core and other utility spaces thus are located towards south. The only exception is the 4 bedrooms which make use of Southwest.