State Theatre


State Theatre witnessed the evolution of North Point for 65 years. The former cultural hub held some of the most prestigious performances in its heyday, but over time it succumbed to the decline of the movie-going culture as well as her own structural resistance to modernization. The proud arches that once defined the skyline amongst fellow tenement buildings are now smothered by layers of latter developments; the porous ground level mall is trapped in a time capsule refusing to catch up with the pace of the rest of North Point.

Our revitalization strategy is to return the prestige to State Theatre by restoring its liveliness and pedestrian flow. Movie-going back in the days was integral with a pre-show sampling of a myriad of street food, where the aromas of sugar cane juice, roasted chestnut, sweet potatoes, curry fish ball and waffles form a symphony of their own. Our first move is to create a food hall on the street level which every pedestrian would find irresistible. The consequential facilitation of food fair and Sunday Market would establish a local food hub serving both our neighbors and tourists.