Varna Library


Porosity and flow are critical to the success of a public library and they are our design priorities. The ground arcade, the main hall, slanting atrium, mixing theatre, mini voids, and the play mounts are key sectional connections that ensure a lively ambience throughout the library. These spatial premiums are achieved by compacting the archive to the Northwest, thereby relinquishing the other preferred perimeter orientations to the user-centric programs. The public domain in the base flows effortlessly into the media centre, which is then associated with the teenager zone. Adults are layered above as the building becomes more extroverted toward the city views and the sky; and children occupy the prime space at the peak, fully utilizing the outdoor opportunities and seaview. The hyper rational structural system minimizes foundation bulk and transfers, and the facade can largely employ an unitised system, combined with a modest amount of customized panels in the signature locations, upon answering stringent programmatic and budgetary constraints, our design entry offers and enticing architectural vision with an impressive spatial experience for all visitors of the Varna Library.