Urban design, Community Engagement & Smart cities

城市設計, 社區參與和智能城市

As we apply our insights and strategy into the city and our neighborhoods. We see that a lot of organizations lack the understanding and engagement with their direct constituents: our neighbors. We have since devised a 5-step strategy to mitigate that through: 1. AWARENESS > Helping raise awareness of a new program that is affecting or helping the community 2. COMMUNITY IDEATION > Inviting the public community to contribute their thoughts and ideas around the topic. The reframing of the questions are important to generate con - structive feedback. 3. NEIGHBORHOOD CONCEPTS > Based on the ideation process, clusters of ideas will be generated from the public. These can be further distilled as project ideas for further testing with the community 4. PROTOTYPES > Low fidelity form of prototypes are introduced, these are usually in the form of pop-ups or small add-ons in existing spaces to test the community re - sponse and co-creation. 5. CO-IMPLEMENTATION > With the clients focusing on the operational aspects of the project, we can help with the initial installation through design and fabrication, while providing on-going strategies to support the client to continually engage the community

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