Design Thinking Workshops for Social Innovators


With Do Tank, we created an action-oriented design thinking course lasting 6 weeks - 14 weeks, tied to a challenge for local impact. Working with partners and teacher collaborators from NYU, IDEO, Parsons School of Design, Google 30 Weeks and many more, we connected teachers, students and beneficiaries through modules of design thinking workshop focusing on one topic at a time. Topcis that we have explored include: Zero Food Waste, Immigration, Storefront for the Commons, and more.

通過Do Tank,我們進行了六周到十四周的以切实行动設計思考課程,設計思考是關於如何在當地有影響力。我們的合作夥伴和老師來自於紐約大學、IDEO、帕森斯設計學院、Google 30周等等。我們讓參與設計思考作坊的了教師、學生和受益者,一起探討一個挑戰和主題。我們探索過的主題包括零廚餘,移民,共用店面原型等等。