Pop-up Storefront Platform for creatives, artist, entrepreneurs


We conceived of a pop-up platform (miLES) activating more than 30 storefront real estate in NYC to activate more than 200 events, pop-ups by an array of creatives, artists, entrepreneurs, and community activations ranging from a Teen art salon, the Museum of Beautiful People, Polpo Gelato Shop, Design Taco, Skillshare Classes, the Strangers Project, a brand showcase for Reebok, a non-profit photography exhibit, a Small Business Merchant Workshop, a sewing workshop, a short film festival, a Thai Supper Club, a Brunch Club, a chocolate & cookies shop, sample sales, an all-ages makerspace, a holiday gift shop, the Jack Kirby Museum, an indies electronics shop, and many more.

我們構想了一個臨時店面平台(miLES),把三十間本來被放空的店面舉行超過二百多個活動,而這些活動都是由很多不同的創意者,藝術家和企業家舉辦的。活動包括:青少年藝術美容院、美麗的人博物館、Polpo Gelato商店、設計玉米薄餅卷、分享技能課程、陌生人項目、Reebok品牌展示、非營利攝影展、小型商業工作坊、縫紉工作坊、短片電影節、泰國 晚餐俱樂部、早午餐俱樂部、巧克力和餅乾店、樣本銷售、無限年紀的創作空間、節日禮品店、傑克柯比博物館、傑克柯比博物館、獨立電子商店等等。