Neighbourhood Innovation Lab


At the Neighbourhood Innovation Lab, we design human-centred neighbourhoods. A joint initiative by Architecture Commons and Epiphany Labs, we seek to understand how to shape our neighbourhoods and foster neighbourly identity through an inclusive, human-centred design approach. Over the past six months, we have embarked on a challenging yet eye-opening pilot phase, in Wanchai. We have led neighbourhood walks; conducted public engagement workshops, 1-on-1 interviews and other listening sessions; collected a variety of exciting insights and data. We conducted our first public sharing in December 2019 where we not only shared our approach and lessons learned so far but also convened six leading experts by way of two panel discussions in neighbourhood development and community engagement. We are currently learning more from our neighbours in our pilot neighbourhoods : Wan Chai and North Point and soon would be exploring more neighbourhoods in Hong Kong and Asia.

鄰里關係研究所,我們設計以人為本的社區。由Architecture CommonsEpiphany Labs聯合發起的項目,旨在了解如何通過以人為本的共容性設計方法塑造我們的社區並培養鄰里身份。在過去的六個月中,我們在灣仔開始了具有挑戰性但大開眼界的試點階段。我們領導了社區散步;舉辦公眾參與講習班,一對一訪談和其他工作坊;收集了各種見解和數據。我們於2019年12月進行了首次公開分享,我們不僅分享了我們到目前為止的方法和經驗,還通過在社區發展和社區參與方面的兩次小組討論召集了六位專家分享。我們目前正在從兩個試點社區出發(灣仔和北角),不久將會探索更多的社區。