Prototype Storefront for the Commons : An form of an inclusive real esate


With a grant from Storefront for Art and Architecture and New York State Council for the Arts, we prototyped a storefront for the commons. Storefront for the Commons is an exploratory documentation and architectural prototype to explore how to manifest ways of designing pluralistic spaces in our contemporary cities encompassing a multiplicity of individuals, ideologies and organizational needs. Through text, interviews, precedents, prototypes, and live interactions, the project use storefront as the minimum viable product to explore how commons could be conceived and maintained. The goal is to engage different stakeholders to participate in the ongoing dialogue, and to stimulate further actions for various types of urban commons in New York City and beyond.

在Storefront for Art and Architecture 和 New York State Council for the Arts的資助下,我們為共用店面做了一個原型。共用店面是一個探索式記錄和建築原型,目的是探索如何在城市裡設計多元化的空間。在這原型中,我們也考慮如何能達到多種個體,意識形態和組織的需求。我們通過文字材料、訪問、先例、原型和實際交流去探索如何運用和經營店面。我們的目標也是讓不同利益相關者討論,也能促進紐約市和其他地區使用城市的公共場所。