Neighborhood pop-up strategy for mobile payment service provider


With Square Inc., we devised a neighborhood pop-up strategy to introduce their new tools tobusiness owners in the form of a retail pop-up and education workshops for their merchant customers. Square Pop-ups extended into series of interactive events in Chicago, Austin, and Los Angeles. Local merchants learn how Square’s tools can help start, run, and grow their businesses. You can register to attend a pop-up for workshops and networking with like-minded and entrepreneurial community members. As a bonus, attendees can schedule one-on-one sessions with a Square representative to address their specific questions. Attendees will also have the opportunity to check out local business' micro-shops at the event, and chat with other merchants that use Square. Our objectives include: reinforcing brand value, customer education, community engagement, and showcasing local merchants.

我們與Square Inc 計劃了一項社區策略,讓它們以臨時店模式和教育作坊來介紹他們的新產品給商家客戶。 Square臨時店一系列的互動活動也擴展到芝加哥,奧斯汀和洛杉磯。本地商家也能更深入了解如何用Square的工具來開始運營和發展它們的業務。商家也可以註冊參加作坊和與其他的創業商家聯誼。參加者可以安排一對一的會議,讓Square的代表解決他們的問題。參加者也可以在活動參觀當地商家的商店,並與使用Square的其他商家聊天。我們的目標是提升品牌價值,客戶教育,鼓勵社區參與和展示商家特色。